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Marketing Powered is a full-service digital marketing agency that has helped numerous law firms attract more clients and expand their practice through tailored online strategies. As an industry leader, we understand the immense competition that law firms currently face in the legal sector. This is why we take a holistic, data-driven approach to elevate brands and connect them with the clients that need their services most.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner looking to reach more people locally or an established firm seeking to dominate a broader geographic area, Marketing Powered can create a completely customized plan to fit your business goals and budget. Through extensive experience strategizing for legal professionals across the country, we’ve refined techniques that produce quantifiable results time and again.

Our specialized services begin with a comprehensive audit of your firm’s existing digital presence and customer behavioral data. This in-depth analysis reveals strengths to build upon as well as opportunities for growth. Key areas of focus include search engine visibility, content marketing, paid media, social profiles, local citations and more. With a clear picture of your starting point, we then craft strategic objectives and trackable tactics to achieve them over time.

Search Engine Visibility is Paramount

When potential clients have a legal need, searching online is often their first step to finding representation. That’s why obtaining top rankings on search engines like Google is so important for law firms. Our SEO methods maximize relevance and exposure without resorting to manipulative tactics disfavored by algorithms. On-page optimization ensures your website is easily indexed while inspiring confidence through expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Concurrently, we build high-quality backlinks from a diverse network of legal industry sites and directories. Thorough keyword research incorporates both head terms and long-tail modifiers to cast a wide discovery net. Local SEO boosts visibility for clients near your office(s) as well.

Quality Content Wins New Business

In the legal field, simply pushing sales messages rarely attracts lasting clients. Our content marketing generates opportunities through informative, value-driven articles, videos, guides and blogs focused on specific practice areas or common issues faced by the public. Topics of substance illustrate your firm’s authority while addressing user questions and problems directly. Regular updates maintain engagement over the long haul. We carefully optimize each piece of content for searchability and sharing on relevant industry platforms. Metrics prove this consistent brand building translates directly into qualified leads and new mandates.

Maximizing Visibility Across All Channels

A fully-integrated approach yields the best results. In addition to optimizing organic findability, paid media like search ads ensures visibility when intent is immediate. Meanwhile, social profiles on networks like LinkedIn and secondary presences like YouTube, amplify content’s reach exponentially. Ongoing social listens reveal conversations around your services too. Local citation profiles correctly positioning your office coordinates aids both organic and paid discovery. And digital communication mediums like email nurture leads from awareness into loyal clients. Reporting shows ROI at each stage while highlighting avenues for continual improvement.

Real Results for Real Law Firms

Time and again our personalized methodology has boosted sales, strengthened reputations and expanded the footprint of practices across jurisdictions. One such example is a personal injury firm we assisted in breaking into an adjacent state through targeted blog posts, core keyword optimization and local advertising. Within 6 months signature cases increased 20% quarter-over-quarter and the lawyer was able to open an additional office funded by new clients from the campaigns. Another mid-size firm found international success representing expatriate clients after we launched multilingual content and engaged foreign attorney networks on LinkedIn. Stories like these prove specialized digital solutions absolutely work to augment legal careers when implemented properly.

Measurable Growth is Within Reach

Does your firm wish to command more cases yet lack the in-house expertise to fully leverage the internet? Marketing Powered delivers scientifically-backed strategies and unparalleled industry know-how to place any practice on an upward trend. We’d love to discuss your unique goals and current positioning in detail. A personalized proposal outlines the steps to significantly impact your bottom line through digital dominance. Your future clients are out there – let us help you find them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Marketing Powered suited for law firms?

We have over 10 years of experience exclusively working with law firms and legal organizations. Our team understands the nuances of marketing professional services to clients in the legal sphere.

How long do campaigns typically take to see results?

Most clients see an increase in qualified leads within the first 3 months, as long as their website is optimized and they consistently publish high-quality content. Major ranking improvements or increases in new cases often manifest within 6-12 months through our comprehensive approach.

Are your plans customizable?

Yes, our plans are completely customizable to fit each law firm’s unique needs, budget, goals and target market. We start with an audit then tailor strategies and timelines specifically for your practice.

Is ongoing support included?

All our plans include website optimizations, content production, link building and social media management on an ongoing monthly basis for as long as you remain a client. We also provide quarterly reporting to track key performance indicators.

How much does a typical digital marketing plan cost?

Pricing depends on the size and goals of the firm. Most integrated plans range from $2,000 – $10,000 per month. We provide customized proposals outlining an itemized breakdown. No long-term contracts required.

Can you guarantee results?

While we cannot entirely guarantee rankings or case numbers will increase, our performance-based approach and long history of success stories demonstrate our ability to consistently grow law firms online when recommendations are followed. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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